Monday, September 7, 2009

Diabetes Sign and Symptoms

Diabetes symptoms
Diabetes mellitus is a chronic and complex disease, which can affect the entire body. Diabetes is caused by having too much glucose or sugar in the blood.

Common diabetes symptoms are frequent urination and thirsty, sudden weight loss or gain, blurred vision and heavy hunger.

Body system tries to normalize high level of glucose in blood by different means causing some unusual symptoms called as diabetes symptoms.

Some of the most common diabetes symptoms are:
  • Frequent urination - Frequent urination does not means two or three time urination than normal, but it means doubled or tripled urination than normal.
  • Frequent or too much thirsty - Frequent thirst means even after drinking enough water, there will be thirst with very short time.
  • Sudden weight loss or gain - Sudden weight loss or gain will be noted within few day, may be within a month.
  • Blurred vision - Even after a good night sleep, there is a blurred vision and difficult to concentrate.
  • Heavy hunger - Immediately after a heavy meal there is a feeling of hunger.
  • Increased fatigue – Even if having the meals in time and have rest as usual, there is a feeling of tired and fatigue.
  • Poor wound healing – If having hurt which heals very slowly than normal.• Irritability – Mentally feel tired and irritable.
If have many of these diabetes symptoms, then it is advisable to have a blood test to measure glucose level in blood. And if proved positive then it is must to maintain the blood glucose level near normal, because long term of badly maintained blood glucose level may lead to many diabetes complications such as; nerve damage, eye damage, kidney problems, heart attack, brain stroke, erectile dysfunction, depression and amputation.


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