Monday, September 7, 2009

Diabetes causes | Diabetes risk factors

Diabetes risk factors (chances of getting diabetes)
Some of the factors can increases the chances of having diabetes called as diabetes risk factors.

Carbohydrate metabolism
Carbohydrate is broken down in stomach and glucose is separated by the small intestine and realized in to the blood stream. On seeing the level of glucose in blood pancreas will release certain quantity of insulin with re
spect to the level of glucose in blood. Glucose is start consumed by the body once insulin is secreted by pancreas into the blood stream. After glucose consumption, the excess of glucose is stored in the liver by converting glucose into glucogen.

If no food consumed for certain period of time, then there will be shortage of glucose in blood. Low glucose level means low level of insulin in blood, on seeing this liver convert stored glucogen into glucose and realized into the blood stream to maintain blood glucose level.

Human Insulin hormone
The above said all glucose related
conversions are controlled by insulin secreted by the pancreas. Insulin is a hormone and it is the controlling or commenting signal that controls carbohydrate metabolism and helps to maintain normal blood glucose level in blood.

Family history of diabetes
- If mother had diabetes then there are chances to have diabetes, if father had diabetes then chances to have diabetes is more and if both father and mother had diabetes then chances to have diabetes is much more.

Obesity – being over weight or obese can increases the chances of insulin resistance that in-turn leads to high blood glucose level called diabetes.

Sedentary life – Certain amount of physical activity is a must for the body to perform well. But today’s sedentary life isolates us from any physical activity that leads to obesity or over weight. Also low physical activity increases the blood glucose level because of low utilization (burning of glucose)

and bad food habits.

Organ defect may causes diabetes ; Pancreas, liver and muscle cells are responsible for glucose metabolism and if there is any defect in this organ may end up with diabetes.

Gestational diabetes – If a mother had gestational diabetes during pregnancy then there are more chances of having diabetes for both the mother and the baby in the age advances.

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