Monday, September 7, 2009

Diabetes Information Guide

Diabetes Information

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic and complex disease, which can affect the entire body. Diabetes is caused by having too much glucose (sugar) in the blood.

Diabetes is also called by diabetes mellitus, high blood glucose, high blood sugar.

Diabetes may be caused by any defect in the carbohydrate metabolism ; Carbohydrate is broken down in stomach and glucose is separated and realized in to the blood stream and it is consumed by the body cell once insulin is secreted by pancreas.

Carbohydrate metabolism can be other wish called as glucose metabolism or sugar metabolism.

Now-a-day's number of people with diabetes is increases very steeply, may be because of our modern life style such as our over nutritious food than requirement, no physical activity, bad food habits (eating too much junk foods) and overweight or obese.

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